Press Releases of the Award Function 2011
Statesman news service:

NEW DELHI, 11 APRIL: To promote public disclosure, readability and quality of financial reporting within the voluntary sector, the awards were given to NGO’s for their outstanding annual report. Out of 245 entries received, 32 organizations were short listed by an independent jury.

The award ceremony was held in the Capital by CSO Partners.

Speaking on the occasion State Information Commissioner, Government of Odisah and also the chief guest of the occasion Mr Jagadananda said that the most important thing during the last three decades in the history of social sector is the growth of NGO’s. “Transparency mechanism, participation mechanism and evaluation mechanism are the best developments in the public sectors,” said Mr Jagadananda.

The awards were given in two categories i.e. large and medium. In large category come the NGO’s which receives more than five crores as donation while the medium category comprise those NGO’s whose receives from 50 lakhs to five crores.

In large category the award was given to Swami Vivekananda Youth Movement which works for health education and community development and winning this prize from last two years. In prize it got three lakhs rupees cash. In this category the runner-ups were Akshaya Patra foundation and the evangelical fellowship of India commission of relief. These both the organizations got one lakh rupees as the cash prize.

In the medium category the winner was Dream a Dream which also got the cash prize of three lakh rupees works for underprivileged children. This organization won this prize for the third time. The runner-ups in this category were Akshara Foundation and IBTADA. The cash amount of the prize was same as of the runner-ups of the large category.

“This is the only national initiative aimed towards promoting the annual report as a transparency and accountability tool in the social sector,” said the founder-CEO, CSO Partners, Mr Soumitra Ghosh adding that in a short period of three years the award has been able to attract enthusiastic response from the NGO’s across the nation.